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In The Footsteps Of Grant & Lee

Gordon  Rhea September 28, 2007

Gordan Rhea, Civil War historian and author of 'In The Footsteps Of Grant & Lee,' joins Jerry this week. Not only is Gordan Rhea author of four massive volumes on the Overland Campaign, but just released a 'Coffee Table' book covering the entire campaign with many beautiful photographs and maps of almost unknown locations currently still existing in the Virginia area.

Gerry's Monologue -
"This is Gerry Prokopowicz, with Civil War Talk Radio,... 1994, our guest today wrote a 500 page history of 'The Battle of the Wilderness, May 5 and 6th 1864,' in 1997; he followed that with a book on 'The Battles of Spotsylvania Courthouse and the Road to Yellow Tavern, May 7th to May 12th 1864;' 3 years later he published 'To the North Anna River, Grant and Lee May 13th to 25th 1864' and then on 2002 'Cold Harbor, Grant and Lee May 26 to June 3rd 1864.' At this pace he is on track to finish the entire war in Virginia by 2087. We will talk today with Gordon Rhea on Civil War Talk Radio."

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