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Undaunted Heart - a True Love Story During the Civil War

Suzy  Barile September 10, 2010

Suzy Barile, author or 'Undaunted Heart The True Story of a Southern Belle & a Yankee General.'

From the publisher of the book, 'In Undaunted Heart: The True Story of a Southern Belle & a Yankee General, author Suzy Barile, a great-great-granddaughter of Ella Swain and Smith Atkins, tells their story, separating facts from the elaborate embellishments the famous courtship and marriage have taken on over the generations. Interwoven throughout Undaunted Heart are excerpts from Ella's never-before-published letters to her parents that reveal a loving marriage that transcended differences and scandal. '

Gerry's Monologue -
"This is Gerry Prokopowicz, with Civil War Talk Radio,...

...before the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln criticized those who characterized the idea of secession as nothing more than a divorce between incompatible partners. He noted the partners could not physically separate and if they could, at the will of one party unilaterally, then it was quote, 'not anything like a regular marriage at all, but only a sort of free love arrangement.' After the war, others took up the image of North and South as male and female partners. John W. DeForest's novel 'Miss Ravenel's Conversion from Secession to Loyalty' and D. W. Griffith's 'The Birth of a Nation' both centered on North-South romances. Today, we will look at a real example of this phenomenon chronicled in the book 'Undaunted Heart: The True Story of a Southern Belle & a Yankee General' in our conversation with author Suzy Barile on Civil War Talk Radio."

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