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Piracy and Desertion

Mark A.  Weitz February 18, 2011

Mark A. Weitz, author of "More Damning than Slaughter: Desertion in the Confederate Army" and "The Confederacy On Trial: The Piracy And Sequestration Cases Of 1861," joins Gerry for CWTR's 200th show.

Gerry's Monologue -
"This is Gerry Prokopowicz, with Civil War Talk Radio,...

" 1861, the Lincoln Administration declared that the Confederacy was nothing but an illegal rebellion. A criminal conspiracy whose agents were not entitled to any legal protection. From its birth, the Confederacy regarded itself as a full fledged independent nation. Both were wrong. Even Lincoln admitted the Rebellion was too powerful to be suppressed by the ordinary course of judicial proceedings. And the most ardent Rebel knew that Britain, France and the rest of the World did not recognize the Confederacy. So what then was it? Both governments would have preferred not to have answered the question. But both found their own laws required an answer. We'll look today at three fascinating legal cases that forced the issue in 1861, with Mark A. Weitz, author of 'The Confederacy On Trial: The Piracy and Sequestration Cases Of 1861,' today on Civil War Talk Radio."

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