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Financial Fraud and Guerrilla Violence in Missouri's Civil War

Mark  Geiger March 4, 2011

Mark Geiger, author of "Financial Fraud and Guerrilla Violence in Missouri's Civil War, 1861-1865."

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"This is Gerry Prokopowicz, with Civil War Talk Radio,...

"...last week, we looked at the tangled mess that was Missouri from 1861 to 1865. A State with more guerrilla violence; a State that spawned Jesse James; a State different from other States of the Confederacy. But why was it that way? Are guest this week has an answer to that question. He's written the most original book about the Civil War in the last several years. It's title, 'Financial Fraud and Guerrilla Violence in Missouri's Civil War, 1861-1865' and his name is Mark W. Geiger. Join us for a new look at the roots of Missouri's guerrilla war, today on Civil War Talk Radio."

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