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The Diary of a Public Man

Daniel W.  Crofts May 20, 2011

Daniel W. Crofts, author of "A Secession Crisis Enigma: William Henry Hurlbert and 'The Diary of a Public Man'"
(for a consolidated 5 part original article from The North American Review in 1879 - The Diary of a Public Man)

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"This is Gerry Prokopowicz, with Civil War Talk Radio,...

" 1879, The North American Review published excerpts from a diary of someone who witnessed many important events in Washington, D.C. and met many important people, including President Lincoln, in the Winter of Secession, 1860-1861. The diarist was anonymous, known simply as 'A Public Man.' Who was the Public Man? This has been called by some, the greatest mystery in American historical writing. Our guest today, thinks he knows the answer. His name is Daniel W. Crofts, he has written 'A Secession Crisis Enigma' and we will talk with him today, on Civil War Talk Radio."

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Original 5 part article from The North American Review can be found at Google Books - The North American Review Check the Table of Contents for pages. The 5 parts are spread out within the volume.