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A Conversation with Former Chief Historian of the National Park Service

Dwight  Pitcaithley January 13, 2012

Dwight Pitcaithley, Former Chief Historian, National Park Service

Gerry's Monologue -
"This is Gerry Prokopowicz, with Civil War Talk Radio,...

...for many of the listeners and guests on the show, it was a visit to a Civil War battlefield that first sparked our imaginations. Where we read interpretive plaques that described movements of divisions and brigades. Or looked at glass cases full of muskets in museum centers. Battlefields in our childhood were all about the battles. But that began to change after 1998 when the National Park Service decided to interpret the causes of the war and help visitors understand the why, as well as the what, of what happened. It was a controversial decision at the time. And today we will talk with a person who was at the center that controversy and find out how it's all worked out 14 years later. Our guest today is the former Chief Historian of the National Park Service, Dwight Pitcaithley. And this is Civil War Talk Radio.

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