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Stealing the General

Russell S.  Bonds August 29, 2008

Russell S. Bonds, author of 'Stealing the General: The Great Locomotive Chase and the First Medal of Honor.'

Three Days in the Shenandoah

Gary  Ecelbarger September 5, 2008

Gary Ecelbarger, author of 'Three Days in the Shenandoah: Stonewall Jackson at Front Royal and Winchester.'

Southern Storm: Sherman's March to the Sea

Noah Andre  Trudeau September 12, 2008

Noah Andre Trudeau, author of 'Southern Storm: Sherman's March to the Sea.'

Shenandoah 1862: Stonewall Jackson's Valley Campaign

Peter  Cozzens September 19, 2008

Peter Cozzens, author of 'Shenandoah 1862: Stonewall Jackson's Valley Campaign.'

Fredericksburg! Fredericksburg!

George C.  Rable September 26, 2008

George C. Rable, author of 'Fredericksburg! Fredericksburg!'

Lincoln's Labels: America's Best Known Brands and the Civil War

James M.  Schmidt October 3, 2008

James M. Schmidt, author of 'Lincoln's Labels: America's Best Known Brands and the Civil War.'

Major General Robert E Rodes Of The Army Of Northern Virginia: A Biography

Darrell  Collins October 17, 2008

Darrell Collins, author of 'Major General Robert E Rodes Of The Army Of Northern Virginia: A Biography.'

Identification Discs Of Union Soldiers In The Civil War

Joseph W.  Stahl October 24, 2008

Joseph W. Stahl, author of 'Identification Discs Of Union Soldiers In The Civil War: A Complete Classification Guide and Illustrated History.'

Lincoln's Sanctuary

Matthew  Pinsker October 31, 2008

Matthew Pinsker, author of 'Lincoln's Sanctuary: Abraham Lincoln and the Soldiers' Home.'

Old Alleghany

Gregg S.  Clemmer November 7, 2008

Gregg S. Clemmer, author of 'Old Alleghany: The Life and Wars of General Ed Johnson.'

What Caused the Civil War?: Reflections on the South and Southern History

Edward L.  Ayer November 21, 2008

Edward L. Ayer, author of 'What Caused the Civil War?: Reflections on the South and Southern History' and President of the University of Richmond.

Civil War Roundtables

Matthew  Borowick December 5, 2008

Matthew Borowick, Civil War Roundtable columnist for the Civil War News, joins Gerry to discuss Roundtables around the country

Best & Worst in Civil War History

Gerry  Prokopowicz January 9, 2009

Gerry discusses The State of Civil War History and events surrounding Lincoln in the past year and to celebrate the paperback release of Gerry's book, 'Did Lincoln Own Slaves.'

The Iron Brigade at Gettysburg

Lance  Herdegen January 16, 2009

Lance Herdegen, author of 'Those Damned Black Hats!: The Iron Brigade in the Gettysburg Campaign.'

Parallels between Lincoln's Time and our Own Time

Edna Greene  Medford January 23, 2009

Dr. Edna Greene Medford, of Howard University and co-author of 'The Emancipation Proclamation: Three Views,' joins Gerry to discuss parallels between Lincoln's time and our own time.

The Age of Lincoln

Orville Vernon  Burton February 20, 2009

Orville Vernon Burton, author of 'The Age of Lincoln.'

Mutiny at Fort Jackson

Michael D.  Pierson February 27, 2009

Michael D. Pierson, author of 'Mutiny at Fort Jackson: The Untold Story of the Fall of New Orleans.'

Cumberland Blood

Thomas D.  Mays March 6, 2009

Thomas D. Mays, author of 'Cumberland Blood: Champ Ferguson's Civil War.'

The Confederate States of America: What Might Have Been

Roger L.  Ransom March 13, 2009

Roger L. Ransom, author of 'The Confederate States of America: What Might Have Been.'

Gender and the Sectional Conflict

Nina  Silber April 3, 2009

Nina Silber, author of 'Gender and the Sectional Conflict.'

Heroes and Cowards

Dora L.  Costa April 10, 2009

Dora L. Costa and Matthew E. Kahn, authors of 'Heroes and Cowards: The Social Face of War.'

Civil War Magazines

Dana B.  Shoaf May 1, 2009

Dana B. Shoaf, editor of both America's Civil War and Civil War Times Magazines

One Continuous Fight: The Retreat from Gettysburg

Michael F.  Nugent May 8, 2009

Michael F. Nugent, co-author of 'One Continuous Fight: The Retreat from Gettysburg and the Pursuit of Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, July 4-14, 1863.'

A Tribute to David Herbert Donald, Lincoln Scholar

Gerry  Prokopowicz May 22, 2009

The late David Herbert Donald passed one week prior to this show. He was a Lincln scholar. A mentor and friend of Gerry Prokopowicz. Gerry talks about the life and works of David Herbert Donald.

A British Confederate Widow's Citizenship

Robert  Kenzer May 29, 2009

Robert Kenzer, Professor of History and American Studies at University of Richmond.

Memoirs vs Fiction: Civil War Writing

Craig A.  Warren June 5, 2009

Craig A. Warren, author of 'Scars to Prove It: The Civil War Soldier and American Fiction.'

Apostles of Disunion

Charles B.  Dew June 12, 2009

Charles B. Dew, author of 'Apostles of Disunion: Southern Secession Commissioners and the Causes of the Civil War.'

The New Civil War Handbook

Mark  Hughes June 19, 2009

Mark Hughes, author of 'The New Civil War Handbook: Facts and Photos for Readers of All Ages.'

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