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Shenandoah Summer

Scott C.  Patchan August 31, 2007

Scott C. Patchan, author of 'Shenandoah Summer: The 1864 Valley Campaign,' gives an in depth narrative of events in the Shenandoah Valley during the summer of 1864. Robert E, Lee directed Jubal Early to distract Union forces in the Valley to keep pressure off Lee's defending forces in Richmond and Petersburg.

Civil War Cavalry

Dr. Laurence  Schiller September 14, 2007

Speaking with Dr. Laurence Schiller, of Northwestern University, about Cavalry in the Civil War. Dr. Schiller is author of numerous articles on Cavalry and spends an hour with Gerry to discuss the evalution of cavalry tactics during the Civil War. Dr. Schiller is also the Fencing coach for Northwestern University and discusses the common aspect between fencing and use of the cavalry saber.

History Buffs Guide To The Civil War

Thomas R.  Flagel September 21, 2007

Author of, 'History Buffs Guide To The Civil War', Thomas R. Flagel joins Jerry this week for an in depth discussion on many 'Top Ten' categories of the Civil War.

In The Footsteps Of Grant & Lee

Gordon  Rhea September 28, 2007

Gordan Rhea, Civil War historian and author of 'In The Footsteps Of Grant & Lee,' joins Jerry this week. Not only is Gordan Rhea author of four massive volumes on the Overland Campaign, but just released a 'Coffee Table' book covering the entire campaign with many beautiful photographs and maps of almost unknown locations currently still existing in the Virginia area.

The Maps of Gettysburg

Bradley M.  Gottfried October 5, 2007

Author and President of College of Southern Maryland, Bradley M. Gottfried joins Gerry to discuss his current book, 'The Maps of Gettysburg: The Gettysburg Campaign, June 3 - July 13, 1863' and his other works.

The Harp and The Eagle

Susannah  Bruce October 12, 2007

Sam Houston State University professor and author, Susannah Bruce joins Gerry to discuss her current book, 'The Harp and The Eagle'

Legal Issues during the Civil War

Paul  Finkleman October 19, 2007

Paul Finkleman, author of 'Terrible Swift Sword: The Legacy of John Brown.'

Struggle for the Life of the Republic

Stewart  Bennett October 26, 2007

Stewart Bennett, editor of "Struggle for the Life of the Republic: A Civil War Narrative (Illustrated)."

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The Union's Fifteenth Kentucky Infantry

Kirk C.  Jenkins November 2, 2007

Kirk C. Jenkins, author of 'The Battle Rages Higher: The Union's Fifteenth Kentucky Infantry'

The Man That Needs No Introduction.

James  McPherson November 9, 2007

James McPherson joins Civil War Talk Radio for his Second appearance on the show.

When Sherman Marched North from the Sea

Jacqueline Glass  Campbell November 30, 2007

Jacqueline Glass Campbell, author of 'When Sherman Marched North from the Sea: Resistance on the Confederate Home Front.'

Final Camping Ground: Greenwood Cemetery

Jeffrey  Richman December 7, 2007

Jeffrey Richman, author of "Final Camping Ground: Civil War Veterans at Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery."

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President Lincoln's Cottage

Frank  Milligan January 4, 2008

President Lincoln's Cottage Director Frank Milligan joins Gerry to discuss his book, 'Washington in Crisis: The Wartime Diary of Horatio Nelson Taft, 1861-1865' and President Lincoln's Cottage. PLEASE NOTE: Only Segment 2 is available from World Talk Radio's site.

The American Civil War...A Very British Affair

Robin  Ansell January 11, 2008

Robin Ansell, Archivist for the American Civil War Roundtable UK, joins Gerry to discuss this unique British Roundtable group.

Who the Heck is This Guy Anyway?

Gerry  Prokopowicz January 18, 2008

This is the show of all shows....we finally get to learn more about Gerry and his various works on the Civil War. This show marks the kick-off of the 'Did Lincoln Own Slaves' worldwide book tour.

All that Makes a Man

Stephen W.  Berry II February 1, 2008

Stephen W. Berry II, author of 'All that Makes a Man: Love and Ambition in the Civil War South'

Confederate Daughters

Victoria E.  Ott February 8, 2008

Victoria E. Ott, PhD, author of 'Confederate Daughters: Coming of Age during the Civil War.'

Lincoln-Douglas Debates and the Making of a President

Timothy S.  Good February 15, 2008

Timothy S. Good, of the National Park Service, author of 'Lincoln-Douglas Debates and the Making of a President' and editor of 'We Saw Lincoln Shot: One Hundred Eyewitness Accounts'

The National Museum of the Civil War Soldier

A. Wilson  Greene February 22, 2008

A. Wilson Greene, director of The National Museum of the Civil War Soldier.

A Modern Revisionist

William  Marvel February 29, 2008

William Marvel, author of 'Lincoln's Darkest Year: The War in 1862'

The Appomattox Campaign

Patrick  Schroeder March 7, 2008

Patrick Schroeder, park historian with the National Park Service at the Appomattox Court House National Historical Park, joins Gerry to discuss all things Appomattox.

The Free State of Jones: Mississippi's Longest Civil War

Victoria E.  Bynum March 21, 2008

Victoria E. Bynum, author of 'The Free State of Jones: Mississippi's Longest Civil War.'

The Mutinous Regiment: The Thirty-third New Jersey In The Civil War

John G.  Zinn March 28, 2008

John G. Zinn, author of 'The Mutinous Regiment: The Thirty-third New Jersey In The Civil War.'

Lee Moves North: Robert E. Lee on the Offensive

Michael A.  Palmer April 4, 2008

Michael A. Palmer, author of 'Lee Moves North: Robert E. Lee on the Offensive.'

Saving the Soldiers: Civil War Hospitals

Michael A.  Flannery April 18, 2008

Michael A. Flannery, author of many books discussing Civil War medical practices and editor of 'Well Satisfied with My Position: The Civil War Journal of Spencer Bonsall.'

Slavery is Somehow the Cause of the Conflict

William  Barney April 25, 2008

William Barney joins Gerry to discuss why some of the more moderate slave holding states joined the rebellion.

Freedom for Themselves

Richard M.  Reid May 2, 2008

Richard M. Reid, author of 'Freedom for Themselves: North Carolina's Black Soldiers in the Civil War Era.'

Samuel S. Hildebrand: The Renowned Missouri Bushwhacker

Kirby  Ross May 30, 2008

author of 'Autobiography of Samuel S. Hildebrand: The Renowned Missouri Bushwhacker.'

Civil War Movies

Gary  Gallagher June 6, 2008

Gary Gallagher, author of 'Causes Won, Lost, and Forgotten: How Hollywood and Popular Art Shape What We Know about the Civil War' and numerous other Civil War Books.

The Lincoln Museum Closing

Gerry  Prokopowicz June 13, 2008

Gerry looks back at the history of the Lincoln Museum, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The museum was started in 1928 and closed in 2008. Gerry had worked at the museum for 9 years.

The Civil War Preservation Trust

Jim  Campi June 20, 2008

Jim Campi, Policy and Communications Director for the Civil War Preservation Trust joins Gerry to discuss preservation issues.

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